Daily, at R. W. Bond & Son, we custom cut from our inventory. Orders from our inventory can be requested from our website using the "contact us" tab, by telephone, or in person. Depending on the request, many orders can be ready within a few hours of placing the order or by the next business day. Typically, orders from our normal inventory are custom cut and prepared at no additional cost to our customers. However, some of our local product will require 48 hours to complete, if it is out of stock.

We take orders for whole pigs, halves of pigs, whole cows, halves of cows, hinds of cows, fronts of cows, and whole lambs from our local ranchers. The cost to the customer is the market price for the order plus one dollar per pound to process the order. Coupons, flyers, or other promotions cannot be used for these requests. (Unfortunately, we do not process wild game.) 

We are also able to special order a wide array of exotic meats and food products that are not typically found in meat markets or grocery stores. However, due to the uniqueness of these products and low demand, many are subject to a down payment that is not refundable and a minimum purchase to get it into the butcher shop (other restrictions may apply). Moreover, sale/discount and/or promotional coupons and/or flyers cannot be used for special orders.

Some of the special orders subject to down payment and minimum purchase requirements follow (list is not exhaustive; other items not appearing on the list may be subject to down payments and minimum purchase requirements, as well as other restrictions) :

  • Wagyu A5 or Imperial Wagyu 

  • Veal

  • Buffalo

  • Wild Boar, Roasting pigs,

  • Goat

  • Rabbit

  • Duck

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